Targeting inefficiencies in marketing, retainer submission and intake, and mitigation of dual representation and other issues

Introducing ZeroDual from OPTIZMO

OPTIZMO has been the recognized industry leader in email compliance and suppression list management for over 15 years, managing and securing billions of records for our clients. With ZeroDual, we bring our unmatched technology and support to mitigate dual representation issues in the mass tort arena.  

The Mass Tort Litigation space is riddled with inefficiencies regarding marketing, data sharing, and duplicate checking. Law firms have few, if any ways to cross-check if a plaintiff they are about to intake has been previously disqualified or is already being represented by another firm, or is in the various stages of qualification within marketing and intake. These issues lead to hundreds of thousand, if not millions of dollars in bad retainer purchases, wasted time and money spent on intake, and validating clean dockets for leadership firms. 

OPTIZMO is uniquely positioned to address this issue as a fully independent technology company, unaffiliated with any marketing company, legal firm, or other technology platform. ZeroDual  

Reduced Case Attrition

Mitigate duplicate retainer purchases and ensure a clean docket

Reduce case attrition and costs related to duplicate claimants

More Efficient Process

Cross-check instantly for duplicate claimants within an MDL

Streamline the docket certification processing with the courts

Data Security

We encode and anonymize your case data

Your case demographics are never exposed to other case participants

Easy-to-Use Interface

Centralized national database of each plaintiff in an MDL

Simple ‘one-click’ tool for claimant duplication checks

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