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Email Compliance and Automation

Suppression List Manager® (SLM) is a state-of-the-art email compliance solution for automating the collection, storage, and distribution of sensitive customer data and unsubscribe lists.
SLM provides the following benefits to OPTIZMO™ users:

Email Compliance at your Fingertips

SLM provides a convenient, web-based, and feature rich user-interface that enhances the security, visibility, and efficiency of managing suppression lists throughout an entire eco-system of channel partners.

Speed & Efficiency

Before OPTIZMO, list cleansing and distribution speeds were taking hours. We sought to increase these speeds exponentially via a proprietary data query algorithm and by investing in high-volume, long haul data transports across a network of SSAE 16 certified and fully redundant data centers throughout the US.

Relational Hierarchy

SLM is designed around the one-to-many hierarchal relationship of suppression lists, email campaign offers, and affiliates/mailers. Individual profiles are automatically created and tracked with relevant and actionable analytical data.  Users can attach an infinite number of campaigns to a single list, an infinite number of mailers to a single campaign, and so on.

Comprehensive Analytics

SLM delivers a comprehensive analytical suite for your Compliance Officers, Marketing Directors, and Affiliate Managers to easily view and effectively manage how affiliate mailers and channel partners interact with your opt-out lists.  Some of these analytics include: access frequency, unsubscribes per specific campaign, mailer, mailer within a campaign, and much more.

Manage Email Creative

Creative Distribution Manager® (CDM) allows you to distribute creative assets along with your suppression and customer lists and provides analytics on the opt-out volume for a specific creative within a campaign offer.

Automated Data Transfers

OPTIZMO’s SLM solution natively allows users to easily ‘set and forget’ the sharing of lists through Automated Transfers. Automated Transfers can be set to run on specific days of the week or can be run instantaneously when needed via an easy to use and intuitive Transfer Interface.