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Protect your brand. Improve reputation.

Email Brand Manager® (EBM) allows you to manage your mailers and see any
complaints, seed hits, and non-compliance alerts in real-time, on-demand!

Comprehensive Email Compliance

OPTIZMO™ EBM is a fully-integrated alert notification and management system. Brand Management is an integral part any comprehensive email compliance program and the catalyst for maintaining a positive brand reputation with your customers and email recipients.

Alert Notification System

Alerts can be expanded to reveal all relevant campaign details, including Sent Date, Sent From, Mailer Details, Recipient Details, and more.  Activity Overview modules reflect all pertinent mailer, recipient, and campaign details.

Never again be left out-of-touch with how your campaign offers are being handled by your affiliates.

Daily Alert Digest

EBM doesn’t stop at alert details, but also sends out a daily digest of alert activity.  Daily Alert Digests are emailed directly to your assigned Marketing Directors, Legal Officers, or Affiliate Managers.  All Seed Hits, Complaints, and Non-Compliance alerts are indexed and assigned unique Alert ID’s that transcend throughout the hierarchy of Lists, Campaigns, and Mailers.

Your ability to resolve Compliance Issues, List Abuse, and Campaign Data Vulnerabilities has never been easier!

Recipient Feedback Loop

OPTIZMO’s proprietary Recipient Feedback Loop collects millions of emails directly from recipients, allowing you to view a screenshot of the actual creative sent along with the HTML version of the email offer.  Corresponding time and date stamps, IP addresses from where the email originated, and a variety of relevant analytics can also be viewed throughout the OPTIZMO Suppression List Manager® user interface.

Alert History

EBM also provides a view of alert history, allowing you to see if a specific alert or mailer is guilty of repeat offenses.  Tracking and logging all campaign and mailer activity within the system, EBM allows users an automated way to document any potential and actual compliance violations, significantly reducing the risk of negative impact on your brand integrity.

Automated Email Compliance Management is now at your fingertips and with only a few clicks, you can take control of how efficiently your email marketing efforts are performing.