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Collect it. Store it. Distribute it. Suppress it!

At OPTIZMO™, we strive to create robust solutions around email compliance.
We break these solutions down into four segmented feature categories.
Each solution provides users with unique feature sets specific to a variety of use-cases.

Our Solutions

Suppression List Manager

Suppression List Manager® (SLM) is the core of all products offered by OPTIZMO and integral to all subsequent product offerings. SLM allows users to securely collect, store, & distribute email suppression lists while automating opt-out preferences and generating unsubscribe links.

Email Brand Manager

Email Brand Manager® (EBM) delivers an automated, easy-to-use method for managing brand integrity as it relates to your company’s email practices. EBM sends alerts to your internal teams, responsible for managing email compliance and includes batch action functionality such as sending daily alert digests.

Creative Distribution Manager

OPTIZMO Creative Distribution Manager® (CDM) provides users with an easy way to upload campaign creative assets into the OPTIZMO system and auto-embed unique Opt-Out links to track unsubscribes specific to the creative used in any given campaign. CDM distributes creative alongside your opt-out lists.

SMS Suppression Manager

SMS Suppression Manager® (SSM) collects and distributes SMS based Opt-Out and Do-Not-Call (DNC) lists to and from 3rd party partners in the same way as OPTIZMO’s core product, Suppression List Manager®, manages email suppression. Upload SMS data, create automated transfers, and distribute to affiliate partners.