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Cleansing or Scrubbing is the process through which you remove duplicates, opt-outs, or more simply organize your email lists. If you market your business via email, you must rely on a clean email list to communicate with current and potential customers.

If customers have asked to be removed from your list but you have not made these requested changes, you could be liable under spam legislation. If you are sending your marketing messages to the wrong addresses, you are wasting your marketing dollars and not making the contacts you need. It is important to understand what cleaning/scrubbing email lists involves and what it can do for your business.

  • Are some of your employees making frequent typos, resulting in inaccurate information?
  • Are you buying lists from an unreliable provider?
  • Are your In-House Solutions not removing duplicates and unsubscribes?
  • Are you leaving yourself open for CAN-SPAM violations?

If you find that your email list is turning up many errors or you need to update often, consider digging deeper to find out where the problem occurs.

Run a clean email list and you will have clean results

The major benefit of understanding list cleansing/scrubbing is that you can identify and solve larger problems to keep your lists current, clean and effective!