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An Unsubscribe List (also known as an Opt-Out List or Suppression List) is a list of suppressed email addresses used by email senders to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. CAN-SPAM requires that senders of commercial emails provide a functioning opt-out mechanism by which email recipients can unsubscribe their email address from future email messages. The unsubscribed email addresses are placed into a Unsubscribe List which is used to “suppress” future email messages to that email address.

A Unsubscribe List contains valid email addresses. Unsubscribe List abuse occurs when a third party takes a Unsubscribe List and emails messages to the email addresses in the list. The original sender of the email messages who provided the opt-out mechanism may be liable for Unsubscribe List abuse.

A variety of technological means are used to protect Unsubscribe Lists and track Unsubscribe List abuse. These include neutral third party scrubbing of email lists, distribution of MD5 secure hash suppression lists and distribution of “seeded” email lists. This is what we do.

In regards to OPTIZMO

At OPTIZMO we generally use the word Opt-Out List in reference to Suppression Lists and Unsubscribe Lists.

An Unsubscribe List can be uploaded and maintained or created and maintained via the Optizmo System. We offer the most user friendly interface with the best security for Advertisers and Mailers to easily manage Campaigns and Unsubscribe Lists.