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LinkUnite Scottsdale – 2022

OPTIZMO is thrilled to sponsor and support LinkUnite, an invite-only women’s retreat and forum for female leaders in director and above positions in digital marketing is set to take place from April 10 to 13 in Arizona. The inaugural forum is spearheaded by Phonexa Chief Strategy Officer Amanda Farris

LinkUnite’s mantra is unique yet simple – no speaker sessions, no company exhibitions, or obligatory business meetings. Instead, the gathering will focus entirely on the faces and stories behind each attendee, all while reimagining and exploring the female potential and promise in the industry. The forum will create a non-business-like environment for female leaders to connect over personal passions, experiences, professional growth, and business collaboration away from the hustle and bustle.

Through facilitated introductions, LinkUnite guests will be exposed to new business resources, mentorship opportunities, and personal and professional partnerships that will grow beyond the forum.

LinkUnite will include series of atypical entertainment and networking activities, where guests can venture into conversations and brainstorming sessions. They include: 

  • Wellness workshops
  • Guided indoor and outdoor activities
  • Networking and team-building games
  • Group breakfast, lunch, and dinner

“A considerable number of Phonexa’s upper management positions are filled by women, which is nothing short of incredible,” said Phonexa CEO Lilit Davtyan. “LinkUnite is a representation of our company’s dedication, promise, and potential to female empowerment throughout our organization and industry. We’re showing that commitment in a big way as we engage in diversifying ideas and creating unique experiences that enable overall growth.” 

“Every entrepreneurial journey begins with a dream of creating something new, and while most LinkUnite guests have already gone through that stage, many of us still long for a space to come together with fellow dreamers and marketers to do something phenomenal,” said Farris. “There is nothing more exciting than tapping into a pool of unmade connections and collectively contributing to the evolution of our industry through alliance and ideation.”


April 10-13, 2022