Deduplicate Email Addresses Across Mailers

Inter-Mailer Cleansing (IMC) allows you to require that, prior to mailing a campaign, all affiliates/mailers must upload their mailing lists and scrub them against not only the appropriate suppression file, but each of the other mailers’ lists participating in sending the campaign. This process ensures that duplicate email addresses don’t appear on the actual lists mailers will use to promote your campaign. Also, it helps reduce your costs in any CPM based email buys across multiple partners.

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Create a Better Brand Experience for the Recipient

Using IMC means that any recipient email addresses which appear on multiple mailers’ lists will not receive multiple emails promoting the same campaign. Receiving multiple emails with the same or similar offer, especially in a short time frame can lead to higher Opt-Out rates and a generally less positive brand experience for the recipient. Recipients largely don’t understand that they are receiving multiple emails because their address exists on multiple email lists. They only know that they are receiving duplicate promotions from the same advertiser, repeatedly, and sometimes even after opting out. All of which can lead to a poor brand experience and negative association with your product/offer.

A Higher Level of List Security

IMC enabled campaigns require that your mailer partners are uploading the lists they plan to mail to the OPTIZMO platform. This workflow provides you with an added layer of confirmation and security regarding the mailer activity within your campaigns. You know that lists are being de-duplicated and cleansed prior to mailing, which leads to more efficient campaigns with better list quality and deliverability. Mailer lists are not stored in the OPTIZMO system, they are simply used for the scrubbing process and returned to the mailer, clean and ready to be sent to. Their data is never shared with other mailer partners, OR the Advertiser. This ensures the mailer’s email list data remains secure, and is optimally curated for the highest levels of both deliverability and positive recipient experience.

Set Suppression Rules to Control Message Frequency

IMC allows you to prioritize mailers within the scrubbing process, to give higher priority to you top mailers, if you choose. For longer term campaigns, duplicate email addresses will become available for mailing again after a set period of days, which performs the function of frequency capping for your campaign.

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“We use OPTIZMO for CAN-SPAM compliance and suppression list management because of the control that we have over our data. The flexibility to manage various suppression lists makes our marketing more efficient.”

Nino GentryMarketing Specialist, Citrix Online

Control at the Advertiser or List Level

You have the ability to activate IMC at either the Advertiser or Opt-Out List level. This means you can require it of all mailers on all your campaigns, or select particular Opt-Out lists that require the added layer of security and list hygiene.

Flexible Solutions

OPTIZMO clients are all unique, with their own needs from a suppression list management solution. With that in mind, we have created different types of accounts to best serve our clients’ needs.

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