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Email Opt-Outs can Provide Great Insights

Published in Adotas on 10/11/18

Seasoned and successful email marketers are always looking for ways to learn about campaign performance and ways to optimize future mailings. The email channel provides a wide variety of metrics and performance measures – most focused on positive signals sent by recipients. Think opens, clicks, conversions, etc. In a recent article, I wrote about the ways that marketers could leverage negative marketing signals to drive better campaign performance. One of those negative marketing signals was unsubscribes or opt-outs.

Email opt-outs can provide a wealth of data for marketers by providing insights on users who have chosen to actively dis-engage with your email program. This goes beyond looking at the unsubscribe rate (in aggregate or at the audience segment level) and instead delves into some of the specific data points that can be associated with opt-out request activity.

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By Tom Wozniak – Executive Director of Marketing