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How to Use Suppression List Management to Drive Email Performance – Email Monks

Published in the Email Monks blog on 7/20/18.  


Email marketers are well-versed in using audience targeting and list management strategies to optimize campaign performance. This includes following the traditions of direct marketing – where targeting the right audience with the right message, at the right time is a proven campaign strategy that drives results.

Marketers in the recent times have been harnessing advanced targeting capabilities that can deliver highly personalized content to recipients for their email marketing campaigns. ,  have developed This is often based on a significant amount of actionable data available about each recipient.

From simple name personalization to including content based on prior purchases, web page visits, online shopping cart activity, and other behaviors that may identify a user as ‘ready to buy,’ marketers have turned audience targeting into a science – using campaign performance analytics to demonstrate the value that targeting delivers.

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By Tom Wozniak – Executive Director of Marketing