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Considering how many details and aspects there are to creating a successful email advertising campaign, marketers always need to prioritize which aspects to focus on in their planning. While smart marketers have a good idea of which aspects have the biggest impact on ROI, there are still campaign details that could use more consistent attention.

One of those details is the “From” address or sender name used for the campaign. For marketers who are newer to email, this is one aspect that can often be overlooked. We don’t think much about it when we send emails from our personal accounts, so it may seem be natural to overlook it in your marketing emails, at first. But, this is a simple detail that can have a significant impact on campaign performance.

Why does the From address matter? Because recipients pay attention to it and make decisions based on the information. Some recent data from SuperOffice showed that 64% of email recipients use the sender name as a reason to open or not open an email.

It’s not surprising really.  If you consider how you manage your own inbox, what is the first thing you notice when you are quickly reviewing new emails you’ve received? Chances are, you focus on who the messages are from. Spot some senders you aren’t familiar with? Often times, you’ll de-prioritize those messages and if they happen to be in your promotion or spam folder, you may just delete them without ever engaging with the messages.

On the flip side, if you do spot a from address for a brand or company that you have a relationship with (you’re a regular buyer or you simply find their email content valuable), you’re more likely to open that email or at least keep it in your inbox to look at later.

There isn’t a magic formula or overriding rule for what information to include in the From address. So, this is an area that warrants testing in your campaigns. Try different sender names and compare performance, so you can optimize future campaigns accordingly.

 By Tom Wozniak – Executive Director of Marketing