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Improve Brand Reputation. Reduce Risk.

Improve how consumers view your brand. Avoid FTC fines, lawsuits, and legal liabilities.

$16k per Offending Email

The Federal Trade Commission’s CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 states that you will be fined $16,000.00 per email in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act and no lawsuit brought on by the FTC for non-compliance has been settled for less than $1,000,000.00. Avoid unnecessary risk by utilizing OPTIZMO to ensure that you, your affiliate partners, and your campaign offers are compliant with government requirements. OPTIZMO provides you with the tools needed for you to know exactly how 3rd parties are interacting with your suppression list data, customer data, and how your brand is represented to your consumers.

Compliance Alerts & Notifications

OPTIZMO notifies you of suppression list abuse and potential compliance violations in three primary categories.

Seed Hit Alerts – notify you if any of your affiliates send email offers to your suppression or customer lists by planting unique “seed addresses” into your list with every mailer download.

Recipient Complaints – notify you of any recipient who has complained that they are still receiving email offers after unsubscribing and provides insight into who the offending mailer is.

Non-Compliance Alerts – notify you if any of your affiliates fail to access or downloaded your suppression list according to your preset business rules or within the time allowed by the FTC.

Documentation & System Logs

OPTIZMO logs, monitors, and tracks all mailer activity within the OPTIZMO application, enabling you to isolate any incidents, violations, or breakdowns in data transfers. Documentation is paramount when it comes to resolving a CAN-SPAM violation and can be the difference between having your email efforts shut down or a very expensive penalty OR being able to prove to regulatory agencies that you have done everything within your power to be compliant. Keep everyone honest by reviewing the logs to see how your affiliate partners are interacting with your email campaign offers and suppression lists.

Automated Link Generation

OPTIZMO auto-generates unique opt-out links with every mailer download and has the ability to auto-embed opt-out links within campaign creative through integrations with the industry’s leading Affiliate Tracking Platforms. Not only does this streamline efficiencies by eliminating the need for you to manually create and send links to your mailing partners, but also helps mitigate risk and reduce liabilities by taking the guesswork out of where to place the opt-out link within your campaign creative or to which partner you distributed which specific link to. OPTIZMO does the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Creative Distribution

OPTIZMO allows you to distribute your email campaign creative assets along with auto-embedded opt-out links within the same interface that your affiliate partners download and access your suppression lists and customer data. This provides brand advertisers, who do not use or have access to affiliate tracking software, a quick and easy method of distributing approved creative assets, images, and content to their 3rd party channel partners instead of having to manually distribute creative and hope that the approved creative is not altered in a way that creates added liability.