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Collect and distribute SMS-based Opt-Out and Do-Not-Call (DNC) lists with the leading suppression solution for SMS marketers.

Safeguard your SMS campaigns by ensuring compliance and maintaining a good sender reputation.

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“OPTIZMO is the leader when it comes to suppression list management. Through impressive technology, the user-friendly platform makes it simple to share suppression lists with all relevant parties, as well as easily access records of compliance. We work with many different types of companies and are always relieved when our partners also work with OPTIZMO because that tells us that they are as serious about CAN-SPAM compliance as we are. Our lives are simplified and less stressed knowing that Optizmo is handling our suppression lists.”

Susannah Rayburn

General Manager, Diablo Media

“Before OPTIZMO, we had to dedicate an actual server to upload lists back in the day. We had a suppression list with millions of names and it could literally take hours to manage, but we’re talking about a matter of minutes with OPTIZMO. It’s super refreshing in the space to see a company like OPTIZMO come along and make everything so easy. The experience was awesome, seamless, easy to use, and really user friendly.”

Matt Frary

Chief of Chaos, SmarterChaos

“I have been doing business with Khris and the OPTIZMO team for almost 10 years now. During that time I have been quite impressed with the quality of solutions that OPTIZMO brought to the table. Equally as important and noteworthy is the manner in which Khris (CEO) and the team manage the relationship. I have found Khris to be a trustworthy, ethical business man that truly understands the value and meaning of win/win.”

Sal Tripi

AVP Digital Operations & Compliance, Publishers Clearing House

Collect. Store. Distribute. Automate.

SMS SUPPRESS from OPTIZMO gives you all the features you need to ensure opt-out compliance for SMS marketing.

SUPPRESS Features: Compliance & Reputation

Collect & Distribute

OPTIZMO’s SMS suppression solution offers Brand Advertisers and SMS Senders the ability to collect and distribute SMS based Opt-Out Lists and Customer Lists to and from 3rd party channel partners while providing all relative analytics needed to minimize risk.

SUPPRESS Features: Compliance & Reputation

Brand Protection

SMS SUPPRESS provides brand protection for proactive Advertisers wanting to open up SMS acquisition marketing as a viable revenue stream, while maintaining security and encryption mechanisms to safeguard your data as well as insights into how/when partners interact with your data.