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Published on the ZeroBounce Blog on 10/19/20

Tom Wozniak, OPTIZMO: “Businesses Have Been Reminded of How Powerful Email Marketing Can Be”

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected countless industries across the world, but if there’s one that’s been thriving this year, it’s email marketing. There’s been a spike in both sending volumes and engagement since March – and most likely, brands will continue to rely on email just as much in 2021.

How can they be successful?

Tom Wozniak, Executive Director of Marketing at OPTIZMO, answers this question – and more – in this exclusive interview. We talk about:

Tom, what does a typical day look like for an Executive Director of Marketing?

Since I head up marketing, PR and communications for OPTIZMO, I typically work on a lot of projects simultaneously, so every day can bring something different.

I love that kind of variety, where new opportunities and challenges present themselves regularly. It keeps me on my toes and really engaged every day.

But, some typical projects for me would include writing some thought leadership content around email or SMS compliance, working with a partner on a joint-marketing project, promoting a new video interview release, and working closely with our sales team on growing the business. 

Do you work from home now?

OPTIZMO was actually built using a distributed company model, where employees could work pretty much anywhere. Even in early 2020, we had team members across five states and in two countries. So, for me, working from home has been my daily routine ever since joining OPTIZMO back in 2017.

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