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Recently our friends at Ongage gathered feedback from a bunch of email marketing experts for a blog post called “What’s The Next Big Thing for Performance Email Marketers in 2020?” We were thrilled to participate in the article creation as we contributed a prediction from our head of marketing, Tom Wozniak.  

You can read Tom’s forecast below.


“The continued evolution of data privacy laws and regulations around the world will have a few major impacts on email marketers, providing additional challenges and opportunities in 2020.

The challenges in complying with different laws from country to country will become even more complex.

Every email marketer must understand the rules regarding how you collect, store, secure, manage, and use email addresses in marketing campaigns across the various regions where they send their campaigns.

Compliance can be a daunting task, and many email marketers will look to technology partners to help them address these compliance challenges.

However, with challenges also come opportunities. The continued development of new privacy laws, along with challenges in tracking consumers’ digital activity is making the email address an even more vital piece of information for many companies.

Because the email address is a relatively persistent identifier for individual consumers, companies will continue to rely on it as a core piece of data to help tie together all of their marketing programs. This continues to strengthen email’s position with many companies’ marketing strategies.

So, even while various aspects of email marketing will become more challenging, the value of email will continue to grow in 2020 and beyond.”

Tom Wozniak – Executive Director of Marketing at OPTIZMO


The full blog post is a great read, with input from 10 email industry pros. You can read the rest of the article on the Ongage blog.

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