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What GDPR Means for US Affiliate Marketers – By Khris Thayer

Published in FeedFront on 5/4/18.

If you attended Affiliate Summit Europe in February, or keep up with digital marketing industry news, you’ve almost certainly run across many references to GDPR. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect on May 25, 2018 and intends to strengthen and unify data protection requirements within the European Union (EU).

Basically, it sets a series of rules for companies to follow when they are collecting, storing, and/or processing data from individuals in the EU.

As a U.S. based affiliate marketer, you may think that the GDPR doesn’t really relate to your business. However, one major change from previous data protection requirements is that companies outside the EU will be monitored and required to comply with the new regulation and GDPR is enforceable outside the EU.

This means if your company collects personal data from any individuals within the EU – including email addresses – then you must comply with GDPR. It also retroactively applies to data you have previously collected, rather than just new data you begin gathering after the regulation goes into effect in May. There are severe penalties for companies that are found to be in non-compliance, so understanding the rules is vital to your business.

Here are three steps to consider with regard to GDPR…

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