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Buzzwords are everywhere in the industry. We hear them every day in emails, on calls, and in LinkedIn messages. Whether you’ve grown so used to them that your eyes gloss over when you see them, or they’ve become so tiresome to hear over and over that you actively get distracted when they come up (that would make two of us), there are plenty of buzzwords we’re all tired of hearing.

Not to mention that some words are so overused in email marketing that they can actually end up putting your messages in the spam folder with many ESPs if you’re not careful. So, if only to vent a little and come together against the use of words that are so overused in the industry that they’ve lost their meaning, here’s a short list of buzzwords we wouldn’t miss if they were gone.

Although it varied slightly from team to team, below are the unanimous winners from a few different departments of OPTIZMO.


  • Synergy
  • Deep dive
  • Take offline
  • Quick Win
  • Low-hanging fruit
  • Ecosystem


  • Game Changer
  • Innovative
  • Cutting-edge
  • Viral
  • Leverage
  • Opportunity


  • Synergy (x2)
  • 3-letter acronyms to describe everything in digital marketing. Including but not limited to: CMS, CDP, DMP, DSP, SSP, ESP, ROI, CRM, CPS, CTR, B2B, B2C, CLV, CPA, CPL. CPS, CTA, KPI, MQL. PPC, CLV, PPL, LTV, SEO, SEM, USP, we could go on.
  • Right-sizing 
  • Disrupt 
  • Paradigm 
  • Holistic

If you find yourself using one of the words that made our list, don’t feel bad. Some of them are hard to get out of our heads. The point is that we’ve all used them at one point or another, and sometimes there are only so many ways to say the same thing. 

Now jokes and fun aside, there are actual consequences of using too many buzzwords in your marketing emails other than getting a few eye rolls from industry vets. HubSpot alone has an EXHAUSTIVE list of Spam Trigger Words you should consider steering clear of. My personal favorite being the phrase ‘Not spam’ LOL. 

Are there any words you think that we missed that deserve to be put on our list? Or maybe there’s one on there you don’t think deserves to be nixed. Either way, you’ll have to let us know on socials or the next time we see you. Until then!

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