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By Tom Wozniak, Chief Operating Officer – published on Forbes on 6/21/24

As companies grow, one common marketing practice is to leverage video in internal communications and customer-facing content. Everyone knows how engaging video can be (just check how much time you spend on Instagram or YouTube), so it’s a great option for just about any company to use in some capacity.

However, those videos that grab your attention in your social media feed probably aren’t the typical corporate videos. You would probably describe them as short, fun, attention-grabbing, funny, maybe a bit irreverent and various words that don’t typically come to mind when you’re watching a standard company video. Many corporate videos are better described as informational, practical, consistent, inside-the-box and often unengaging. But, they don’t have to be.

Corporate videos, whether customer interviews, team member profiles, presentations from senior executives or other typical types of content, don’t need to be ho-hum, impersonal yawnfests that only senior executives at the company actually like. So, here are three tactics to elevate your corporate video program and help it stand out from the crowd.

1. Get out of your chairs and offices.

One of the most basic setups for a video interview is having people sit in chairs and talk. That’s not to say this format can’t be turned into something interesting, but you’re making it harder on yourself. Yes, having your subject sitting behind their desk or in a chair across from an interviewer may send a professional, business-like look and feel, but it’s also a setup that viewers have seen time and time again. So, by adopting this strategy, you’re setting the expectation that your video is going to be pretty much like others that people have seen before.

So, my first recommendation is to get out of those chairs and your offices and find some new environments for your recordings. Think about locations near your office that would provide a good backdrop for video content. Get outside and find a quirky location with some visual interest where you can record your content. Embrace the character of your locale and let that become a part of the video.

Along with the visual interest of the new location, having your video subjects moving around will make them more comfortable than sitting in a chair in the office. That sense of comfort will come through the camera lens and make for more engaging content.

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Tom Wozniak heads up Marketing and Communications as the COO for OPTIZMO Technologies.

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