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By Tom Wozniak, Head of Marketing – published on on 11/17/20

From a reasonably long career in marketing, I can say with confidence that most marketers are drawn to new ideas. We often enjoy finding new ways to engage with our audiences, leveraging new technology to communicate more effectively and generally expanding the breadth of our marketing strategies and campaigns. It’s probably because most successful marketers have a natural inclination toward creativity. Not that we are all graphic designers (I am certainly not) or fantastic writers, but I find that even the most analytically minded marketers tend to have a well-developed creative side. 

This creativity and the ability to come up with new ideas and then execute them are vital to long-term success in just about any marketing role. However, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. For marketers, this can take the form of a version of “shiny object syndrome,” where the search for the next great idea or novel marketing tactic becomes the goal, rather than the actual performance of a campaign.

With this in mind, here are a few strategies to help marketers continue coming up with great ideas and new tactics to test, while not chasing every interesting marketing opportunity that presents itself. 

Evaluate New Ideas Critically

Regularly coming up with and testing new ideas is vital for just about any marketing program. There aren’t many industries that don’t evolve significantly over time — some do so extremely quickly. At the same time, a marketer’s audiences (customers, prospects, etc.) are growing and changing as they adapt to the world around them. People adopt new forms of communication, change their media consumption behaviors and buying habits, and often discover that their needs and wants develop and grow over time.

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Tom Wozniak heads up Marketing and Communications for OPTIZMO Technologies.

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