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The Benefits of Setting up an Email Affiliate Marketing Program – Business2Community

Published on 1/2/20 on Business2Community by Tom Wozniak, OPTIZMO’s head of marketing.

If you’re already taking advantage of an affiliate marketing program for your business, you know the benefits this strategy can bring in terms of lead generation and customer acquisition, while maintaining control over the cost per acquisition to ensure a highly cost-effective initiative. Another benefit is that affiliate programs can be leveraged across virtually every digital marketing channel. However, not every advertiser takes full advantage of each channel for various reasons. Email marketing is one channel that not every advertiser chooses to include in their affiliate marketing strategies. This may be due to the complexity in setting up an effective and compliant program in the email channel, which can be more involved than setting up a search affiliate program. Despite the effort, email affiliate programs have a long history of delivering outstanding results for decades and if you select the right partners to assist with the program, it can be more straightforward than you might think.

Why Email?

Despite the annual predictions about the impending death of email, the channel has never been more popular with consumers. As of 2019, there were estimated to be nearly 4 billion active email users worldwide. That number is predicted to continue growing in the years ahead. But, it’s not just about a huge potential audience. Email marketing also delivers results. When added to an existing affiliate marketing program, email will typically deliver incremental volume in leads or sales as the channel engages with different audiences. Lead quality and the consistency of the traffic also typically deliver high marks for advertisers.

There are numerous benefits to incorporating an email affiliate program in your marketing strategy.

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