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Published on the Adotas on 10/9/2018

What comes to mind when you think about brand safe marketing? Probably what a big challenge it has become over the years. For all the incredible potential provided by digital marketing, it comes with a host of challenges, with brand safety being one of the most significant. A brand wants to do everything possible to ensure its image isn’t negatively impacted by an issue in one of its advertising campaigns. With so much of digital advertising today done programmatically, brands place a lot of trust in their marketing partners and tech platforms to keep ads from appearing next to or within potentially reputation-damaging content. But, with automated buying and placement decisions being made in milliseconds, there are going to be risks and real-time transparency isn’t feasible.

While brands continue to move budgets to digital channels, they are also drawn to those options that provide potentially more brand safe environments. One channel that advertisers continue to turn to is email marketing. Email marketing doesn’t have the bright shiny new object status that it had 40 years ago, when it was first unleashed and commercial email did give the word ‘spam’ new meaning beyond a canned meat product. But, a funny thing happened as the digital marketing ecosystem evolved. Email started looking at lot more stable and ‘safe’ compared to various other channels. Add the fact that email usage keeps growing consistently year-over-year and it’s no wonder more companies continue to devote budget to this channel as it drives consistently strong ROI.

“What other marketing channels can someone unsubscribe from? Email is the only one. What other channel does the marketing message consume the entire screen, offers unrestricted and total creative control and can be targeted to the individual consumers advertisers want to reach – and suppress the users they don’t? From a brand safety perspective, no other channel can provide as much flexibility and control as email.” – Amanda Coleman, Founder/CEO, Bliss Media…

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