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Come meet the OPTIZMO team at RSA Conference 2018 taking place April 16 -20, 2018 in San Francisco!

RSA Conference conducts information security events around the globe that connect attendees to industry leaders and highly relevant information.  It is a great opportunity to learn about new approaches to info security, discover the latest technology and interact with top security leaders and pioneers. Hands-on sessions, keynotes and informal gatherings allow attendees to tap into a smart, forward-thinking global community that will inspire and empower you.

The event includes numerous seminars and sessions on a variety of key topics as well as two full exhibit halls at the Moscone Center.  

This year, attendees will be able to attend seminars on:

GDPR Essentials

The GDPR is the first major change in EU privacy regulation in more than two decades and has far-reaching implications for worldwide organizations that touch the data of any EU citizen. In other words…fundamentally every medium- and large-sized company is impacted. With May 25, 2018, as the go-live date, many are struggling to be ready and wondering what the consequences really will be—and how fast the penalties will be imparted.

Foundations of Bitcoin, Blockchain and Smart Contracts

How do Bitcoin, blockchain, smart contracts and ICOs really work? And where will we first see these frameworks used to operate and protect businesses? In this fast-moving seminar, leading experts will guide attendees through the core elements of bitcoin, distributed systems and smart contracts.

Ransomware and Destructive Attacks

The impact of ransomware, destructive malware and related attacks is growing globally, with new actors taking part in leveraging crippling assaults. This seminar will provide a full day of focus on ransomware and its multifaceted implications across technical, policy, compliance and financial responses.

Security Foundations

The Security Foundations seminar explains some of the most important security principles and is designed to provide practitioners with an overview of essential concepts that will enhance understanding of the current advanced security issues that will be discussed during the week.

How-to for Innovators and Entrepreneurs

This half-day seminar will help aspiring entrepreneurs understand the process of taking a great idea/solution to the next level: developing a business plan, securing funding, building a company and launching a product.  

Securing Diversity

We live in a world where the lack of empathy and understanding rules. If you fall out of the “norm”—fill in the blank on what the “norm” is—you may feel like you don’t belong. But diversity is actually core to making good organizations great. It is what makes us as individuals succeed. This seminar will provide an opportunity to think differently in recognizing and valuing diversity.

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