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OPTIZMO™ Technologies made the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) 2014 Online Trust Honor Roll, the only email compliance and suppression list management company awarded this year.

Online Trust Honor Roll recipients are chosen annually through independent online trust audits, analyzing best practices in brand and consumer protection, security and privacy. The OTA focuses its efforts on the importance of continual monitoring of security and privacy practices while highlighting the risks of becoming apathetic to dated processes and technologies.

With email being the largest form of business to consumer engagement, OPTIZMO™ has gone to great lengths to be a facilitative partner for commerce as well as an advocate for honoring consumers’ opt-out requests. This has resulted in building a reputation as the most trusted data management facility in the email compliance space and their trust continues to grow.

Craig Spiezle, OTA President & Executive Director, says, “Adhering to best practices well above and beyond standard compliance requirements is essential for consumer trust and innovation. OPTIZMO’s innovative approach not only helps companies achieve these goals, but also demonstrates their commitment to consumer and brand protection, data stewardship, and the future of email best practice.”

With more than 300 of the world’s leading brands, performance networks, and ad agencies as their customers and thousands of users across the globe, OPTIZMO™ has become a name synonymous with email compliance best practices.

“To be recognized by such a respectable association as the OTA and be acknowledged alongside some of the most distinguished and well-known companies in the world; is truly an honor,” says Khris Thayer, CEO of OPTIZMO. “For us, this award solidifies that our philosophy – investing in our customers, our technology and our security practices – is not only valuable to our customers but essential for any industry leader.”

The 2014 Online Trust Audit & Honor Roll is available at:

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