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Last month, OPTIZMO Technologies released their highly anticipated Advertiser Access Portal. Exclusive to OPTIZMO, this new feature allows Advertisers that do not have an account with OPTIZMO, but their Network does, to directly import their opt-out lists to the OPTIZMO Advertiser Access Portal – both eliminating double handling of sensitive data and saving Networks valuable time.

Normally, Advertisers that do not have an account with OPTIZMO send their opt-out lists via FTP or email to their Networks, and then the Networks upload the updated opt-out lists to the OPTIZMO system. In this process, the Network monitors and manages these lists on behalf of the Advertiser, which can be cumbersome and time-consuming. With the creation of the Advertiser Access Portal, Networks no longer have to upload their Advertiser lists.

Networks will also be pleased to find a built-in notification system that automatically sends reminders to their Advertisers, prompting them to upload their updated opt-out lists each week. In addition, the system will also notify the Network when the Advertiser is out of compliance (i.e. 10 days has passed without a new upload from the Advertiser).

“Even though this is not a revenue source for us, we are excited to be the first and only email compliance company to bring this innovation to the email marketing industry. As always, it is our desire to streamline processes for our clients and that is exactly what this feature does,” says Grant Fern, CTO and Co-Founder of OPTIZMO Technologies.

With the majority of the world’s leading Networks powered by the OPTIZMO email compliance system, the Advertiser Access Portal makes email marketing a more viable option for Advertisers that have not yet invested in their own OPTIZMO email compliance account.  OPTIZMO is encouraging all Brand Advertisers working with an OPTIZMO powered Network or Agency, or considering email as a viable marketing medium, to ask their partners about OPTIZMO’s Advertiser Access Portal or call OPTIZMO directly for more information at 512-687-6272.

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