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Recently, OPTIZMO was named to the 20 Most Innovative Companies to Watch in 2021, by Global Business Leaders Magazine. You can read an excerpt from the feature article below. 

OPTIZMO Technologies: A Recognized Thought Leader in the Email Compliance Arena

Over time, digital marketing has evolved into a myriad of channels and methodologies. One of the most popular channels is email marketing. Most people may not realize, but email has been a part of the digital marketing industry for more than 40 years and remains arguably the most profitable marketing channel. Over the course of those four decades, a variety of regulations have been put in place to set guidelines for marketers to follow when marketing to consumers. One of the most important laws focused on the email marketing arena is The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. This law defined a clear set of guidelines for marketers when leveraging email marketing within the U.S., which continue to be the foundation of email marketing regulation today.

While a variety of laws around data privacy and marketing activity have evolved around the world, several key aspects have become included in many of these regulations. Perhaps the most consistent is the requirement that email marketers provide recipients with a way to opt-out or unsubscribe from future mailings, and that marketers honor those requests in future campaigns. This requirement created the need for email marketers to collect and maintain lists of email recipients who have opted out and must be suppressed from future mailings. These suppression lists are used to cleanse email marketing lists and ensure that all addresses that have opted out are suppressed from future mailings.

This task may sound complex, but there is a platform that offers seamless processes around the email suppression lists. 

In 2009 two tech industry veterans, Khris Thayer and Grant Fern, knew they could provide a better solution to the market that would more effectively power the email compliance programs of brands, networks, and agencies by automating and simplifying the process around email opt-out collection, storage, and distribution. 

Thus OPTIZMO Technologies was born. OPTIZMO provides clients with a SaaS platform for the collection, storage, distribution, and automation of all the processes around these email suppression lists.

While the platform delivered the core requirements of collecting and suppressing opt-outs, companies also began to identify other ways to leverage suppression files within the marketing and audience targeting process. Today, suppression lists are used by companies to augment their audience targeting strategy, right along with compliance and best practices. OPTIZMO’s platform makes it easy to implement all of these strategic approaches, and power not only compliance and best practices, but also more effective audience targeting and messaging.

OPTIZMO aims to deliver the industry’s most powerful technology, integrated with matchless support and service to power the client’s email and SMS marketing compliance programs.

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