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Taking Control

Published in Corporate Vision Magazine on 7/28/20

Recognized as the industry leader in email and SMS suppression list management and compliance solutions, OPTIZMO delivers a SaaS solution that automates the collection, storage, and distribution of sensitive customer data in a secure environment with unparalleled performance analytics and visibility into how third parties interact with their loyal clients’ data. Having recently been selected in the 2020 Corporate Excellence Awards, we took a closer look at OPTIZMO to discover more about how they established an award-winning reputation as leading experts in email suppression list management.

Established in 2009, OPTIZMO has worked alongside a vast number of clients ranging from small start-ups through to Fortune 500 brand names, as well as each and every size in between. The powerful, yet easy-to-use, technology platform has been carefully designed to empower the firm’s clients and partners to take full control of their suppression list management process and overall compliance programs.

In addition to specializing in working with clients who leverage third parties within their email and SMS marketing programs, the OPTIZMO platform can be valuable for any company which wants to have both more strategic and granular control over their use of suppression data within their marketing programs.

Since its inception over a decade ago, OPTIZMO has been on a mission to deliver the most powerful, yet accessible, email compliance solutions to advertisers, networks, performance agencies, and email marketers that the industry has ever seen. Built on the cemented foundation of industry-leading technology, the firm adds the most experienced, knowledgeable, friendly, and customer-focused support any technology can provide. As the business has grown over the years, so have their services. Today, the firm has expanded beyond email and now includes SMS compliance solutions, delivering even more value to meet its clients’ evolving marketing needs.

With a goal to ensure that working with their innovative technology is a seamless experience, as they effortlessly integrate into their clients’ current marketing and compliance programs, the OPTIZMO team is committed to understanding the unique needs of each client so that they are able to achieve the best results and receive the highest value from the firm’s technology platform. As a result of this client-centric approach, OPTIZMO has been able to establish countless long-lasting partnerships and friendships with so many of their clients, many of which have been with the firm since its early days.

Providing technology that consistently delivers and a team that is easy to work with has led to a number of clients and partners singing OPTIZMO’s praises and referring new business to the firm, which is a true testament to the extraordinary level of service and commitment the team provides.

Speaking of the team, aside from the industry-standard that OPTIZMO’s technology has set, it is the team at OPTIZMO that

is the true driving force behind its phenomenal success. Hiring experienced, intelligent, and committed individuals who are then empowered to truly own each person’s aspect of the business, each member of OPTIZMO’s team is an expert in building and maintaining long-lasting business relationships as they dedicate themselves to their clients’ success.

Ultimately, it is the powerful combination of cutting edge technology, effortlessly blended with a truly exceptional team of smart, experienced, and devoted individuals which has been a key factor in the continued success OPTIZMO has achieved throughout the years. As the firm plans for the future, the team will continue to enhance their products and services to better meet the needs of their clients in such a constantly evolving industry.

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