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AUSTIN, TX–(Marketwire – January 12, 2010) – OPTIZMO Technologies announces the official launch of their email Affiliate Network System, OPTIZMO NETWORK. This innovative application remarkably enhances Network, Publisher, and Advertiser relationships through advanced suppression list management, campaign distribution features, and lightning fast email list cleansing technology.

How Fast? Although they suspect the platform will change the expectations of the marketplace over time, their most popular feature is SPEED. They found that the bottlenecks in the industry were predominantly due to email list cleansing which could take many hours rather than minutes and seconds. In an enormous jump in efficiency, compared to existing systems, OPTIZMO can cleanse a million emails against a million emails in less than 20 seconds.

When asked why OPTIZMO is pushing to set new standards, CTO and Lead Developer, Grant Fern said, “Email Marketing is a performance based industry, yet industry leaders are apathetic in developing significant value-added features to their systems. Although list management is only a small facet of the email marketing industry, it unfortunately is also a catalyst for bottlenecks in efficiency, compliance and profitability; thus our motivation to lead the way in developing new solutions. I believe our platform solves problems that the industry didn’t realize could be fixed.”

Change is Good — OPTIZMO’s new campaign distribution feature allows Affiliate Networks and Advertisers to distribute email creative to all Publishers within the same interface, in which Publishers access suppression files prior to sending out offers.

Attempting to transform the status quo within the email suppression list management industry wasn’t something they set out to do. But it turns out that their development-driven model is playing a pivotal role in shining light on some of the industry’s short-comings. Across the board from robust Affiliate Networks to forward-thinking Advertisers to high volume Publishers, all are looking to OPTIZMO’s new platform to streamline their workloads.

About OPTIZMO — OPTIZMO Technologies, LLC is a web-based application, providing Advertisers and Affiliate Networks a cutting edge online solution for managing email suppression lists and email marketing campaigns. Optizmo’s focus is not only on email efficiency, CAN-SPAM email compliance, and consumer data security, but maybe even more pertinent; usability, cost savings, and the future of web 2.0. within the broader email marketing industry.


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