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Early this year, OPTIZMO Technologies, LLC launched new features to their Alert Notification System, known as Email Brand Manager®, as well as unveiled an enhanced user interface to their suppression list management platform.

These new Alert features provide a level of efficiency not available in any other Alert Notification System on the market – creating the fastest way to manage and utilize Alert data.

OPTIZMO™ clients can better manage their Alerts through new features that include:

  • Grouping Alerts by mailers, dates or campaigns
  • A Search tool that allows clients to search by date, alert ID, alert status, email subject, alert recipient, alert from address, and/or one or more mailers and
  • Batch Actions i.e. batch send alerts to mailers, batch delete alerts, and batch set alerts as ‘open’ or ‘closed’

System Wide – As for user interface enhancements, they are system wide with a variety of upgrades from core framework and structure to subtle aesthetic changes. These modifications provide clients a more intuitive interaction with the system through user-friendly action items and better workflow. Additional flexibility is also provided in how data can be managed within the relational hierarchy of an Advertiser, their suppression list(s) and associated campaigns, as well as partners who are running these offers.

Security is Key – Since OPTIZMO™ primarily focused their attention on infrastructure investments in 2012 i.e. new data centers, pen tests, security risk assessments and new automation tools, they have an increased focus on key developments for 2013 as seen with the new Alert tools and user interface enhancements.

“The OPTIZMO™ team did an outstanding job keeping us happy through the growth process. We are even happier knowing that their foundation is strong and can scale as their company, and ours, grows. OPTIZMO™ really gets that ‘time is valuable’ and ‘peace of mind is priceless’. Using their system saves our staff endless hours of back office work and eases my mind that our client data is safe and secure. Doing business with OPTIZMO™ is critical to both our efficiency and our security”, says Sal Tripi, Online Trust Alliance Chairman of the Board and AVP Digital Operations and Compliance at Publisher’s Clearing House.

“It is equally important to chase down new revenue opportunities as it is to manage scalability and growth. Investing in infrastructure, security, and maintenance procedures in 2012, in preparation of 2013’s growth, has landed us in a unique position far ahead of any competitors or potential competitors who have not, or will not, put the same time and resources into evolving their platform”, says CEO and Co-Founder, Khris Thayer of OPTIZMO™. He adds, “I am confident that every OPTIZMO™ user, clients and partners alike, will benefit from the behind-the-scenes work we performed this past year.”

Their Reputation Precedes Them – As OPTIZMO™ positions themselves for a strong 2013, in both revenue and development, they look to remain the foremost thought leader in email suppression list management for the foreseeable future.

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