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2023 is off and running and we couldn’t kick off a new year without a great new OPTIZMO sizzle video! When you record as much video as we do throughout the year, you never lack for great footage, but we like to think we go the extra mile by having our clients and partners help us come up with a new theme song. 

You may remember back in 2020, when we unveiled our first music video, featuring our long-time affiliate marketing industry friend, Cari Hartman as she provided the key lyrics to our first theme song – The Only Game in Town. Check out that amazing video!

OPTIZMO Video Series – The Only Game in Town

For reasons we can’t comprehend, we weren’t nominated for any Grammy or MTV music video awards that year. But, we assume this was just an oversite. So, after a lot of time and reflection, we thought it was time to release a brand new video, featuring a new company jingle! We went back to our creative muse, Cari Hartman, and her business partner, Kim White (Synergy Interactiv) to provide the key lyrics for our shiny new theme song.

So, check out the world-wide release of our latest OPTIZMO sizzle video and theme song – Compliance is a Breeze!


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