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OPTIZMO™ CEO Interviewed by Tech Company News

OPTIZMO helps streamline the Collection, Storage, and Distribution of consumers’ opt-out preferences.

Austin, TX – May 30, 2018 — OPTIZMO Technologies, the industry leader in email suppression list management, released an interview with its CEO, Khris Thayer, with Tech Company News earlier this month.  

The interview covered a wide range of topics, from an overview of the company’s products and services to some key developments in the digital marketing industry. One section discussed how the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will impact the email marketing industry.  

“The GDPR, will have an impact on any company that collects, stores, or processes personal data from people in the EU. The regulation is designed to give people more awareness of the information that companies collect about them and more authority over how that data is stored and used for marketing or other purposes,” said Khris Thayer, CEO of OPTIZMO Technologies.

“From an email marketing standpoint, the EU already requires that recipients must have opted in to receive email messages, so companies are already familiar with a consent requirement for email marketing. However, email marketers will need to ensure they have a record of those prior opt-ins for all email addresses on their lists and that these consent records meet GDPR requirements. If the records don’t meet the requirement, marketers will need to obtain consent in order to continue mailing to those email addresses. This will be a challenge for many marketers who haven’t maintained those opt-in records over time. In addition, the GDPR includes more requirements on how companies store and process data used in all types of marketing, that may necessitate changes to how companies manage their marketing programs, which will naturally include email marketing. Email marketing continues to be one of the most cost effective channels for both customer acquisition and retention and that is unlikely to change under GDPR. But, companies will need to adapt to the new requirements, which will create new challenges.”

Additionally, Thayer discussed the company’s recent decision to join the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

“As a company focused on supporting our clients’ compliance initiatives with CAN-SPAM, and the emergence of more data privacy regulations worldwide (like GDPR), we identified the IAPP as an organization whose mission is very much in line with our company goals,” said Thayer. “As members, we are able to stay up-to-date on data privacy trends in the US and around the world, and lend our voice to discussions about how the marketing and ad tech industry can foster better transparency, trust, and security around consumer data. The membership supports our mission to empower our clients’ marketing and compliance programs.”

The interview wrapped up with a look toward the future, where Thayer discussed a number of product enhancements, along with several new products that the company plans to release in 2018. These include continuing enhancements to SUPPRESS, the industry’s leading email suppression list management platform. New product releases will include a set of mailer-focused tools and a Consumer-Centric Recipient Feedback Loop.


OPTIZMO Technologies is the recognized thought-leader in the email and online marketing space for email suppression list management, email campaign management, data management, and risk mitigation services relative to email compliance. With an expert staff in pursuit of unrivaled efficiency, innovative technology and an insatiable desire to problem-solve, clients find a customer-centric business model that not only enhances the way OPTIZMO clients do business, but drives the company forward. The company is headquartered in Austin, TX, and has offices and team members in Charleston, Denver, and Brisbane, Australia.

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