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OPTIZMO™ CEO Featured in Business Sight’s List of Revolutionary CEOs for 2021 

Khris Thayer noted for his approach to building a team.

July 1, Austin, TX — OPTIZMO Technologies, the industry leader in email suppression list management, is thrilled to announce that CEO and Co-Founder, Khris Thayer, has been recognized by Business Sight on its annual list of Revolutionary CEOs for 2021

In 2021, the list includes CEOs from a wide variety of industries, all of whom have used innovative leadership to drive their companies forward. The list features a profile based on an interview with OPTIZMO CEO and Co-Founder, Khris Thayer, highlighting the genesis of the company in 2009 and how it has grown over the past 12 years. 

Over the course of those 12 years, OPTIZMO has become the established leader in the email compliance and suppression list management industry. The company has also taken a leadership role as a thought leader in the industry, regularly speaking at industry events like MailCon, Affiliate Grand Slam, and Affiliate Summit, while publishing original reports and research and numerous articles,  infographics, and guides. 

The company’s growth continued during 2020, amidst an incredibly challenging period for many industries. That success was based on the company’s foundations of innovative and incredibly reliable technology with an unwavering mission to support its clients and help ensure their success. Now well into 2021, the company is preparing to release a number of product enhancements, designed to improve the functionality of its innovative email suppression list management platform: SUPPRESS. The company will also be expanding its capabilities, delivering a variety of new services to clients and partners this year.

“As the CEO, one of my most important roles is to ensure we have absolutely the best team in the industry and to help every team member succeed in their roles,” said Khris Thayer, “We’ve accomplished this by taking a very deliberate approach to growing our team and then empowering every team member to take ownership of their role within the company. Add that to a truly collaborative work environment and it’s amazing what you can accomplish.”

OPTIZMO supports over 500 clients and partners around the globe with their compliance initiatives, geared toward complying with various sets of regulations impacting their marketing and data privacy programs across email and SMS marketing. 


OPTIZMO Technologies is the recognized thought-leader in the email and online marketing space for email suppression list management, email campaign management, data management, and risk mitigation services relative to email compliance. With an expert staff in pursuit of unrivaled efficiency, innovative technology, and an insatiable desire to problem-solve, clients find a customer-centric business model that not only enhances the way OPTIZMO clients do business but drives the company forward. The company is headquartered in Austin, TX, and has offices and team members in Charleston, Denver, and Brisbane, Australia. 

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