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AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 11, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OPTIZMO Technologies, the industry leader in email and SMS suppression list management, announces the release of a new email marketing guide, written in conjunction with performance marketing tracking platform, Everflow. The Complete Guide to Results Driving Email Marketing for 2021 includes an overview of the email marketing landscape and a number of tips and recommendations from several email marketing industry experts.

Everflow decided to write a guide for their clients who may be interested in adding the email channel to their marketing programs, but might not have the expertise to get the most out of the new channel. The team at Everflow enlisted OPTIZMO to provide their expert guidance on email marketing compliance and overall best practices for making the channel successful.

The co-authors then reached out to several additional experts in the email marketing industry to provide more insights on how to design successful long-term email marketing programs.

This collaboration resulted in a detailed guide, providing practical recommendations for companies to build new email marketing programs from a strong foundation of compliance and best practices or to ensure their current programs are incorporating the right mix of strategies and tactics to drive success.

“We were excited to collaborate with the team at Everflow on this email marketing guide,” said OPTIZMO’s head of marketing, Tom Wozniak. “Email remains arguably the most powerful and cost-effective digital marketing channel when it comes to either driving customer acquisition or retaining current business. But, the key to success is building your email marketing program on a solid foundation of best practices and compliance with key laws and regulations, like the CAN-SPAM Act.”

“It’s hard to find great content around how to do email marketing right, especially when it comes to driving performance. When we got the opportunity to forage from the domain expertise of Tom at OPTIZMO, we jumped on it.” said Everflow’s VP of Marketing, Michael Cole. “2020 has proven that brands need to integrate effective digital marketing to remain successful in a post-pandemic world. Email has shown itself time and time again to be the most effective channel for driving results, and we’re proud to release this guide for helping brands prepare for the new digital-first world continuing into 2021.”

The guide covers a variety of topics, including:

  • Using email marketing for customer retention
  • Establishing an email compliance program
  • An overview on the history of email marketing
  • How email marketing can drive customer acquisition
  • How to leverage affiliates and partners to expand your email marketing strategy

The guide is available on both the Everflow and OPTIZMO websites.


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