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OPTIZMO™ Product Announcement

Opt-Out Enhancements

One of the most crucial aspects of suppression list management is the need for a secure and high performing system for collecting Opt-Outs. OPTIZMO is delivering some enhancements to our systems to make our Opt-Out process even more robust for current and future clients.

Over the next few weeks we will be upgrading client accounts to our enhanced Opt-Out process. The upgrade will be seamless and require no action from you or your mailers. We do want to call attention to a few of the new features and benefits that will accompany the rollout of the enhancements.

Support for HTTPS. The new Opt-Out pages will support HTTPS, providing a secure transfer of email addresses when recipients Opt-Out.  We’ve had a few clients request this enhancement and we’re excited to make it available to all of our users.

– Upgraded infrastructure. While this will be entirely invisible to system users, with this enhancement we have refactored our Opt-Out collective solution and moved into our new technology stack, which will provide us with even more capabilities as we look to the future.

– Updated Opt-Out page design. The new default design of our Opt-Out pages is a bit cleaner, with a more updated look and feel.  If you are making use of your own custom Opt-Out pages, they will not be impacted in any way with this new design. It only relates to the default Opt-Out pages generated by the system. If you want to compare the current default Opt-Out page with the new design, click here for an example.

– The migration will happen in the background and Opt-Out URLs will not be changing. There will be no disruption of our Opt-Out service within SUPPRESS.  During and after the migration, Opt-Outs will still be processed and handled in exactly the manner they are today, but with enhanced infrastructure.

We’re excited about this enhancement to our Opt-Out process and we are looking forward to delivering even better service and support for our clients moving forward.

If you have any questions about this enhancement or anything else related to the OPTIZMO system, please reach out to us at

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