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Published on MediaPost on 2/5/20.

***Check out this great article on MediaPost, covering our recently released 2019 Email Opt-Out Infographic.***

Most email opt-outs occurred on smartphones last year — at 74% versus 70% in 2018, with the remainder being done on desktops, according to an infographic released this week by OPTiZMO Technologies.

Don’t take this as a predictor of where and when opt-outs will take place: It reflects the opt-outs processed by one provider last year — and the year before. But it may serve as a snapshot of trendlines.  

That said, watch out for those Yahoo! clients — they accounted for 33.9% of opt-out activity in 2019.  

In contrast, Gmail generated 18%, having surpassed AOL for the number two spot. AOL pulled 11.1%, followed by Hotmail at 7.9% and Comcast with 3.5%.

Think of Monday as opt-out day — it had 16.2% of all unsubscribes. In one change YoY, Wednesday has supplanted Tuesday as the second-most active day, producing 15.4%  of all opt-outs vs.15% for the day before.

Saturday pulled the lowest percentage of opt-outs — at 12.4%. 

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