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Since 2009, OPTIZMO has been leading the industry with the most advanced, powerful, and user-friendly suppression list management platform for both email and SMS. Over the years, we have made regular updates to our flagship SUPPRESS platform, and in 2022 we are excited to announce a significant redesign to our UI. Next-Gen SUPPRESS provides all of the functionality and features of our legacy SaaS platform, while adding a host of new capabilities to drive suppression list management into the future. 

Whether you are a regular user of SUPPRESS or brand new to the platform, once you dive into Next-Gen SUPPRESS you are going to be thrilled with the new look and enhanced functionality.  Here are just a few highlights of what’s included in Next-Gen SUPPRESS:

  • Insights: our sophisticated set of next-generation analytic capabilities. Insights is designed to reduce your workload by grouping potential compliance issues into Send Events, making it easier to identify, investigate, and resolve Suppression List Compliance issues with your Affiliates and their email sends. Insights is a replacement for our classic Alerts features, providing a more robust set of analytics and monitoring capabilities. Insights will also become the foundation for a host of new analytics and reporting tools we will be releasing in the months ahead. 

  • Our new platform UI, complete with a new dashboard, updated menus, and enhanced page layouts makes SUPPRESS even easier to navigate and use. Next-Gen retains the best elements of Classic SUPPRESS while making navigation even easier. 

  • New features like Opt-Out Redirect Credits, which give you the potential to lower your monthly invoice with OPTIZMO. 

Check out this teaser video with some great shots of Next-Gen SUPPRESS and then reach out to us with any questions you might have. 

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