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While many businesses are utilizing email list marketing to increase web traffic and conversion rates, not all businesses are finding success with their strategies. There are many factors that go into an effective email marketing solution, and it is crucial that a company implements all of them, or risk failure or worse.

According to CIO there are several ways to enhance email marketing services and ensure that solutions maximize profits while meeting federal regulations at the same time. By breaking down initiatives to their basic levels and implementing the right tools to support it, any company can increase consumer engagement and raise the success rate of its email marketing solution.

Keep it simple
There are a wide variety of email marketing tools on the market. According to CIO, a business needs to focus on ones that deliver their intended message without distracting the recipient. Too many solutions involve a significant amount of “bells and whistles,” while it is simple, low-noise layouts that show true success. In the same vein, though, businesses want to focus on educating their customers, rather than trying to hit them with a sales pitch. Consumers don’t necessarily want to just see a new product, they want to know how it can improve their lives. By providing simple yet informative information, a marketing initiative is much more likely to be successful.

Embrace social media and mobility
The mobile industry is booming, and more people have Twitter accounts and Facebook pages then ever before. By taking advantage of these tools with mobile-friendly emails and links to Facebook pages rather than straight product links, a company can increase consumer engagement and enhance its brand recognition at the same time.

Mass mailing lists are out
While traditional email marketing involves massive lists of accounts, this method is heading out the door with improved spam filters and spamtraps locking out marketing email addresses quickly. According to the news source, many businesses are finding that targeted marketing is much more successful. With the personalization that Facebook, Twitter and video marketing provides, a business has to keep up with its email solutions. Investing in high-quality suppression list management will help a company accomplish this.

Ultimately, to achieve success with email marketing today, businesses need to take a more proactive approach. By investing in the right tools to reach audiences in an engaging and personalized way, rather than blindly sending out mass emails, companies can accomplish this, and find real value in email marketing in 2013.

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