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The OPTIZMO team recently returned from MailCon 2023, held in the always luminous Las Vegas, and if you haven’t heard from us yet and we connected at the conference, we’ll be in touch very soon. However, we wanted to write about some of the highlights from the event. 

The name of the game for this MailCon was small but mighty! While not quite as large as some conferences that you may be used to, MailCon gave attendees the unique opportunity to have longer conversations with a much more personal touch. Which allowed us to have more in-depth conversations with various clients, partners, and prospects. We’re excited to follow up on a number of those conversations to drive the business forward in 2023 and beyond.

As always we want to give a huge shout out to Kristen Haines and the entire team at MailCon for putting on another great event. We’ve been supporters and sponsors of MailCon since its inception, so it’s very exciting to see how the event has grown and evolved into its own autonomous conference. We’re always excited to be the official Email Compliance Sponsor, along with exhibiting and presenting.

We landed in Las Vegas in anticipation for the two day event, spanning from April 17th to the 18th, with a brand new member of the team some of you got the chance to meet! Antonio Jones was only on his third week as OPTIZMO’s new Marketing Manager when he flew out for his first conference with the OPTIZMO crew. And if you haven’t met him, we’re sure you will soon! We were able to connect with a lot of industry connections during the show, including a number of folks who will be included in the next edition of our ongoing ComplianceCast video series!  

Our renowned cinematographer and creative director, Jonathan Salas, is already hard at work crafting the first video from the show. We’re excited to feature a number of new faces in the next set of videos. They may be new to the ComplianceCast, but some will be very familiar to everyone in the industry. So, stay tuned! 

One major highlight for us was presenting with our partners at LashBack for the 4th year in a row. This time around, our COO, Tom Wozniak had a new presentation partner from LashBack, Kerianne Gilmartin. The two found their presentation groove quickly and delivered a presentation on using negative marketing signals and compliance analytics to drive better email campaign decisions. 

The email opt-out data highlighted in our presentation was also used to create our 2022 Email Opt-Out Infographic, which you can find on the OPTIZMO website right now by CLICKING HERE. A big thank you to everyone who attended the presentation, we were so excited to see a packed room, especially early in the morning on the second day of the show! We might need a bigger room next year!

Any conference in our industry is sure to include at least a little fun outside of meetings, exhibiting, and delivering a great presentation. So, check out a few more highlights below. 

Anyone who travels to Vegas for a conference knows that one highlight should always be grabbing some great meals. As veterans of many a trip to Vegas, one of our favorite things is finding a great place we’ve never been before. This time around we managed to add two unique spots to our dinner and after-show go-to spots. 

  • The Cosmo has a pretty large number of restaurants, bars, and clubs, and we would have thought we knew them all. But, we stand corrected. If you love Italian food and are feeling adventurous, Superfrico makes for a very entertaining and Las Vegas-esque dining experience. We don’t want to give anything away, because that’s part of the fun, but to give you an idea, they describe themselves as an ‘Italian American Psychedelic’ restaurant… and it lives up to that billing. Grab a reservation the next time you’re in Vegas!                                                                             
  • For years, the Cosmo had a little known, but popular late night pizza spot called Secret Pizza. To be clear, we’re not sure if that was ever its real name. But, everyone in the industry called it that, since you had to know where the secret door was to get into this New York-style pizza by the slice joint. Well, we now have another secret door spot to add to the list – Ghost Donkey. If you’re a tequila fan, you won’t be disappointed when you open what looks like an emergency exit to discover a little hole-in-the-wall bar hidden behind it.                                                      
  • Unfortunately not a highlight, but the trip back home for some of the team wasn’t nearly as smooth sailing as the way in. For one reason or another, Thursday was not a great day for flying. One member had their flight delayed due to ‘maintenance issues’, another managed to get home on time but their bag was 8 hours or so behind them, and another’s flight got canceled entirely. The reasoning still being a mystery to this day, we were told it was either bad weather conditions in Denver or the secret Illuminati meeting that they were having under the airport that day went over (we all know it’s there). Even more surprising was the fact that one of our members who decided to fly with Spirit got off the ground without a hitch! But knowing Spirit, they probably risked life and limb to do so.  

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