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Who we are:

A Steady Rock in the Ever-Changing World of Performance Marketing.
Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Slopes Utah, LinkTrust has more than two decades of industry experience as the platform of choice for thousands of companies, affiliates, networks and agencies using performance-based marketing to fuel growth and positive ROI.

Data protection and compliance is job #1.
– LinkTrust implants an impregnable culture of compliance across your performance marketing efforts.

Tracking everything is the key to success.
– LinkTrust tracks literally every aspect of your performance marketing campaigns in real-time.

Using only the latest and most advanced technologies.
– We never use legacy technologies or outdated software tools.

Simple, affordable and flexible white-labeling for everyone.
– Every customer using LinkTrust Partner Marketing Platform can customize it with its brand name, logos, color scheme, login and tracking domains, and other elements.

Strong relationships and good customer service is everything
– LinkTrust was built by listening to customers and developing tools the industry needs. We support our customer’s every step of the way.

Working with partners is easy and effective with LinkTrust – the trusted leader in partner marketing. Get started now!

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