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Leveraging Your Email Suppression List for Better Audience Targeting

Published in the ReachDynamics Blog on 9/11/18

There have been times during the 40 year history of email marketing when a lot of marketers took a spray-and-pray approach to their campaigns – emailing large groups of people, targeted or not – hoping to connect with the right prospects in the process. Email campaigns were (and still are) inexpensive to send, in most cases, and the incremental cost of adding one more or even thousands more addresses to your list wasn’t significant. Largely due to this cost structure, some marketers focused on a ‘more is better’ approach to campaign planning. After all, the more emails you send, the more responses you generate, and the more sales you drive. Seems pretty simple, right?

But, email marketing was also built on the lessons of the traditional direct marketing industry. Offline direct marketers learned that one of the best ways to drive ROI from direct mail campaigns was through the use of audience targeting and segmentation. When every additional message being sent (a catalog or other printed material) carries a per-piece cost for printing and postage, sending the right content to the right recipient is vital to drive positive ROI.

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