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Recently, OPTIZMO’s head of marketing, Tom Wozniak, sat down with Rob Seaver from the LeadsCouncil for an episode of his video podcast – On-Air. They had a wide-ranging conversation coving industry topics including:

  • The importance of email compliance to an effective long-term email marketing program.
  • The positive impact of the CAN-SPAM Act on the email marketing industry. 
  • How TCPA is impacting SMS marketing.
  • Why email marketing continues to thrive after 40 years.
  • How suppression list management can be used beyond the opt-out list.
  • Why Negative Marketing Signals are important to email optimization.

Additionally, the interview covered some of the history of OPTIZMO, the importance of working with a great team, and some funny (possibly only to Rob and Tom) stories about Tom’s education and career path, including a conversation about his diploma from Bartending College.

If you have about an hour to spare, give it a look! (Yeah, we know it’s a bit long – but Tom is a marketing guy and that means he likes to talk.)

You can watch and subscribe to the On-Air podcast and other LeadsCouncil videos at their YouTube channel

About the LeadsCouncil

The LeadsCouncil is an independent association, whose member companies are leaders in the online lead generation industry, including buyers to sellers, technology solution providers and investment professionals. All members are united in a common goal of promoting best practices and fostering trust, regardless of vertical.


To educate and advocate on behalf of the buyers and sellers engaged in all forms of lead generation, ensuring that all participants deliver value and follow ethical as well as federal and state guidelines when conducting their business.


– Help create better relationships between buyers and sellers.
– Establish guidelines and standards for all lead generators and buyers to follow.
– Be seen as an educational and informational resource for the industry.
– Establish relationships on Capitol Hill ensuring the lead generation space is heard as it pertains to rulemaking.
– Educate our constituency on important trends of lead compliance, measurement, and management.
– Self-audit and remediate with both buyer and seller members.


Independence: LeadsCouncil is a fully-independent alliance of lead generation experts founded by those who do not run any lead generation offers of their own.
Online lead buyer participation: With online lead buyers from various industries, LeadsCouncil avoids the pitfall of previous associations, which have been unable to drive real innovation in the industry without critical feedback from all parties.
Research: LeadsCouncil presents exclusive findings, lead metrics, statistics and market share findings to our members.
Transparency: LeadsCouncil members will have access to a special online directory that lists all members’ status, information, and feedback.

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