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Introducing the latest episode of ComplianceCast! We’re thrilled to bring you our exclusive interview from the recent MailCon 2023 show floor. In this episode, we sit down with Kerianne Gilmartin, the Sales Leader at LashBack, and dive into growing your audience through partnerships. 

Kerianne kicks off the discussion by highlighting the powerful brand partnership between LashBack and OPTIZMO –

“We (LashBack) are the industry leader in monitoring email compliance and providing competitive intelligence. And since I started back in December OPTIZMO was the first partner that I got introduced to and it’s such a great partner. I think we share more clients than any other partner that we have. In fact, one of my favorite clients told me you shouldn’t have OPTIZMO without LashBack and shouldn’t have LashBack without OPTIZMO.”

Tom asks Kerianne about her outlook for the email industry in 2023 –

“What kind of things do you see on the horizon for email marketing in 2023? And beyond?”

“In the affiliate space, everyone will tell you, ‘Oh, I get 100% inboxing, or I’m gonna get you to the inbox, I’m gonna help you drive all this revenue.’ But you can actually use the (LashBack BrandAlert) database to say, okay, this person says that they’re inboxing, let’s take a look at the mail that they’re sending for their clients, and where’s it landing, and how their delivery looks. We have one client that found one new partner through BrandAlert, and they increased their revenue by six figures, just by finding one partner that had really high delivery rates and was really credible and reputable. …We all come to these events to find new partners or to grow our business and to be able to trust what someone says, but verify it, I think is really valuable when you’re getting into new relationships with partners.”

Kerianne proceeds to reveal surprising insights she discovered since joining the industry –

“What isn’t surprising? It’s such a tangled web. But what I found is I had no idea how great a way it is to grow your audience and drive business. I mean, it’s a phenomenal way to do so. But what really surprised me is the liberties that people take with other people’s brands, to get clicks, to get conversions. And so I was surprised to know that people send stuff out that’s not approved …or take their own creative liberties on subject lines or what they think is going to get clicks, when it’s not their brand that’s associated.”

It was a fantastic opportunity to connect with Kerianne at MailCon and chat about her experiences in the industry so far. We hope you find the conversation enjoyable, and if you happened to miss any past episodes, don’t forget to explore our Video Library for more episodes of ComplianceCast!

Tune in next time for another episode!

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