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Who we are: 

Everflow is the Smarter Partner Marketing tracking platform. Manage your Emailer partners with safety and compliance through our full OPTIZMO integration. Everflow enables you to expand your marketing channels and consolidate tracking from: affiliates, influencers, in-app publishers, and media buying channels. Platform speed and scale through Google Cloud infrastructure, drill down into every data point, and automate optimization with SmartSwitch. Learn more here.

What we provide: 

Everflow gives you an all-in-one platform for managing your partnerships while tracking all of your existing performance marketing channels. You can track each base conversion (purchase, install, sign up, etc.), and every event that occurs after, and then the associated payout for the partners delivering those conversions.

  • An Affiliate Management Platform and so much more – Everflow provides a powerful way to manage your email affiliates, provide them with dashboards for their stats, and track their earned revenue. Make effective decisions by analyzing the performance of your affiliates on the placement level.

  • Dedication to Customer Success – We’ve built our entire platform on supporting our clients and adding the features that meet their needs. Our industry-veteran customer success team can be reached anytime via in-platform chat, and standard communication channels.

  • Accessible Tracking & Analytics Platform – We make it easy to track each channel’s performance on the click, impression, coupon code, or the destination landing page. This makes it simple to collect data from every marketing channel. Analytics allows you to quickly drill down into every channel to understand the exact placements generating performance and engagement, and identify any bad placements hiding behind them.

  • Every User Delivered to the Right Place – You can set up targeting for every offer, ensuring only relevant users reach your destination URL. 
      • For example, you can set up an offer targeting only iOS, New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. Then only users who meet that criteria will be delivered to your offer.
      • For non-matching users, you can use our Fail Traffic feature, to forward invalid users to another offer where they match those targeting requirements

  • Automated Optimization – A fraudulent traffic source/placement can ruin your relationship with both your advertisers and the partner that delivered that traffic. With Everflow’s SmartSwitch, you can set up a clear rules-based system for instantly blocking traffic from the specific placements that are sending unnatural or low-quality engagement. This blocks the traffic before it causes serious harm to your advertiser; furthermore, you can automatically notify your partners of this traffic blocking, so they know to turn off these placements on their side as well. 

How to get started:  

We’d love the chance to prove to you why we’re both the best Partner Marketing platform, and how we can help unlock new sources of revenue. We offer a 30-Day Free trial period, so you can get familiar with the platform. To get started, schedule a demo walkthrough with our team – get started now!

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