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By Tom Wozniak, Head of Marketing – published on the OnlyInfluencers blog on 12/8/20

Earlier this year, I wrote a post for OnlyInfluencers on Turning a Negative into a Positive which highlighted the value of analyzing the negative marketing signals generated by every email campaign (opt-outs, spam complaints, non-responders, etc.). I thought I would build on that topic just a bit before 2020 comes to a close, with a deeper look into opt-out behavior across industries to provide some context when looking at some of your own email campaign unsubscribe data.

For the past few years, we have been publishing reports and infographics built on large data samples of opt-out requests from across the OPTIZMO platform, encompassing over 400 clients, and thousands of email campaigns. It provides a unique look at consumer opt-out behavior driven by a spectrum of largely performance-based customer acquisition focused email campaigns.

One key thing to note, this data only looks at opt-out behavior, without the added element of send data. So, the reports don’t provide information around metrics like opt-out rate. However, separating opt-out request data independently from email send data can provide some interesting insights that may be lost or overlooked when mixed in with more typical positive campaign performance metrics. The data sample used for this report is from 2019, so stay tuned for an updated report in 2021 that will use 2020 data. While we haven’t seen major changes from year-to-year in past reports, 2020 might be an exception.

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