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Email Marketing Tip – Suppressing Previous Recipients

Email is a powerful marketing tool for advertisers across a wide range of industries and verticals. But, as with any marketing channel, there are strategies and tactics that can improve its effectiveness. While many of those strategies are fairly straightforward, others may even seem counterintuitive at times. If the goal of your long-term strategy is to acquire new customers then there are a variety of approaches that can optimize your email campaign performance. In previous email marketing tip posts, we’ve discussed approaches like suppressing current customers, and non-responsive email recipients, but there are other considerations, as well. One option that can be effective in some situations is focusing your campaigns, and the campaigns launched by your mailing partners, on reaching new prospects. One way to accomplish this is to suppress recipients of previous campaigns.  

Why suppress previous campaign recipients?

There are a variety of reasons why an advertiser may want to run a campaign or set of campaigns focused entirely on new customers. Here are two reasons why you might want to remove recipients of previous campaigns.

  1. Reach. This is a fairly standard marketing metric that equates to the size of the audience you reach with a campaign or marketing effort. For brand marketers, reach is often a key performance indicator (KPI) that they focus on specifically. In the performance marketing arena, reach isn’t as commonly used as a primary goal for a campaign. However, there are numerous instances where a marketer would want to focus their performance campaigns on reaching as wide an audience as possible. Partly, it is the simple logic that the wider your audience, the more opportunities there are to reach good prospects who may convert. For companies focused on a mix of sales growth and brand awareness, it may make sense to dial in email campaigns on incrementally new recipients. 
  2. Offer Frequency. Many marketers use a mix of offers within their overall customer acquisition campaigns. Offers may vary widely, depending on the marketer’s business model and what they find resonates in the market (% off, free trials, buy-one-get-one, free shipping, etc.). However the offer mix is defined, one important element can be controlling which recipients receive which offer. If offers are delivered in a pre-defined sequence or are only available to recipients for a specified time, then it is important to find an effective way to ensure that the next campaign is not sent to previous recipients of the same offer.

Suppressing previous campaign recipients is just another example of how an advanced suppression list strategy can make audience targeting more effective. 

How can I implement a suppression list strategy to remove recipients of previous campaigns?

You can easily upload a list of previous campaign recipients into your account within SUPPRESS. You can learn more in our Help Center. You can also reach out to your OPTIZMO account rep for assistance in setting up this type of suppression list in your account. Simply contact your account rep directly or reach out to us at

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