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By Tom Wozniak, Chief Operating Officer – published on OnlyInfluencers on 10/08/23

When I brainstorm topics for an upcoming OI article, sometimes I focus on bigger trends in the industry (AI!) or areas where I can speak with some authority (email compliance). But I also like to think about topics and conversations that have come up on our Thursday OI-members-only Live Zoom calls, since they often reflect what’s on the mind of email marketers. This time around I took the latter approach. A topic I’ve heard come up frequently on OI Live calls this year revolves around the challenge email marketers face within their organizations or with clients about how the email channel is often siloed from other marketing channels and may not get the attention it deserves.

As someone who has worked across just about every marketing channel during the course of my career (and overseen them all as head of marketing at various companies), I can attest to this situation being common at many companies and not just limited to the email team. Plenty of organizations (particularly larger ones) treat each marketing channel as its own little island, with separate goals and KPIs that may or may not be aligned with the company’s overarching marketing strategy, let alone the strategies of every other channel (email, content, display, search, SMS, social, events, video, direct mail, etc.).

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Tom Wozniak is the COO for OPTIZMO Technologies.

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