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Email marketing is a highly successful endeavor for most businesses that invest in it, but it requires a bit of preparation and foresight to be accomplished properly. One aspect that businesses need to be aware of is email compliance and the various regulations related to email list marketing.

According to Information Law Group, businesses can get tripped up by a variety of issues, including having marketing emails blocked as spam by various ISPs when there is no indication of CAN-SPAM compliance violations or any other law. Even something simple like a misspelled email address can cause anti-spam services to block entire marketing address as senders of spam, and this isn’t even something a business can necessarily control. Additionally, some anti-spam services create these addresses as “spamtraps” to trick businesses, which can cause legitimate marketing to get flagged just as easily without the proper approach.

What may seem overwhelming can become significantly easier to comprehend and avoid with the right email list management solutions in play. Many companies find it impossible to keep up on their marketing lists, updating consumer information and deleting contacts as they opt-out. With automated solution these matters become far less difficult, and a business can focus on the more important aspects of its marketing solution, like the content.

However, just because list management is taken care of doesn’t mean online retailers are in the clear. A business still has to be away of compliance laws and regulatory guidance to succeed, and just adopting software and implementing best practices may not be enough to succeed, according to the news source. Ensure that the highest-quality data management software is being used for keeping email lists up-to-date, and make sure that updates are implemented in sync with any changes to federal, state or other laws promptly.

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