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We’re excited to bring you another installment of ComplianceCast Clips! These bite-sized clips zero in on key topics from our recent panel interview with Madrivo and Everflow, recorded during Affiliate Summit West 2024. If you didn’t catch the full 46-minute conversation (understandable), you’re exactly who we made these clips for. Browse through some of the topics we covered and check out the ones that catch your eye. In this clip, we talk about the email channel.


Check out our discussion on the enduring power and adaptability of email marketing. Despite the ever-evolving digital landscape, email continues to hold its ground as one of the highest ROI channels, second only to word of mouth. Join Sarah Miller, VP of Operations at Madrivo, and Sam Darawish, CEO and Co-founder of Everflow, as they discuss why email marketing remains a cornerstone of many successful digital strategies.

Exploring the long-term outlook for email amidst newer platforms like TikTok and influencer marketing, and why diversification is key, Sarah shares insights on how Madrivo continuously adapts to changes. Ensuring compliance while staying true to its roots in email marketing. 

Our panel also dives into the technical aspects, with Sam discussing Everflow’s initiatives to enhance traffic security and improve direct messaging capabilities. As we continue to talk about the challenges posed by new compliance regulations and how these don’t spell the end for email, but rather shape it to grow stronger and more resilient.

Check out this ComplianceCast Clip to stay informed, entertained, and ahead in the game. And, if you’d like to watch more great content like this, be sure to check out our full Video Library or check out our YouTube channel!

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