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There are many aspects of running a successful email marketing campaign, including finding valuable targets, guaranteeing email compliance and sending messages with consistency and regularity, to name a few.

However, perhaps no single factor will have a greater impact determining the ultimate fate of an email marketing campaign than content creation. Without well-crafted content, email marketing messages will inevitably fail to gain customers or persuade existing customers to remain with the company.

Recently, marketing expert Nicole Merrett, writing for Business Review USA, emphasized this point and shared several content-related tips to improve organizations’ email advertising efforts.

1. Aim for variety

According to Merrett, consistency, while undoubtedly important, can also act as a trap for marketers. It is easy for a person running an email advertising campaign to become so focused on delivering messages regularly that he or she inadvertently becomes repetitive in terms of content. If an individual receives essentially the same email marketing message repeatedly, that person will soon learn to ignore the message, and may even mark it as spam.

To avoid this, Merrett recommended that marketers develop a number of different message types as part of their email campaign management strategies. In addition to sales pitches, they may want to consider employing newsletters, event invites and company updates. Not only will this make the messages more interesting, but it will also make the emails more valuable.

Steph Auteri, speaking to Business Insider, recently argued that providing value is the most important component of creating compelling content for email marketing. According to Auteri, when customers see that a company has valuable insights and opinions, they become more loyal toward that business.

2. Listen to suggestions

Another tip Merrett offered was that businesses solicit and listen to advice from their customers and readers. These are, after all, the people whom the email marketing campaign is attempting to reach and have an impact upon. It is therefore valuable for a company to take heed of customer advice when it comes to crafting marketing messages. If customers have a particularly positive response to a message, marketers should stop and consider what made that message successful and work to emulate it.

Similarly, if customers dislike a message, marketers should strive to avoid whatever element made that email distasteful. And if customers specifically request to hear more about a particular product, service or industry element, marketers should try to provide that information.

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