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Connecting with Your Non-Responders in the Real World

Converting Your Email List to Direct Mail to Convert

Guest Post from ReachDynamics

There are many reasons why your prospects don’t respond to email communications. For some, it may be that your email content is too frequent, or that it simply doesn’t speak to their needs. Still, for others there may be value in your content, but they just prefer not to be marketed to through their email inbox. Though they’ve chosen not to engage with your digital communications, you still have other opportunities to connect with them.

Connecting with Email Recipients In Real Life

One powerful way to do this is through ReachDynamics Digital Direct Mail™. Simply upload your email list to the ReachDynamics platform, and it will automatically match your email contacts with their postal mailing address information, and send them a direct mail message that stands out and re-engages them.

You can reconnect with your non-responders through a one-time only send designed to give them one last chance to convert, or you can add them into a regular direct mail marketing campaign that sends periodically.

By folding in Digital Direct Mail™ into your multi-channel marketing strategy, you’re placing your message in front of prospects who were once actively interested, and you’re giving them an opportunity to consider your brand again.

Better yet, you’re creating a deeper connection with them.

When a digital prospect suddenly sees your brand in their mailbox in a real, personal, physical format, it gives them a moment of pause – a moment of surprise and delight. They draw an immediate connection between the branding and message on your landing pages online, and the physical piece of mail they hold in their hand. Most importantly, this surprise captivates their attention – at least for a few seconds.

When they open their mailboxes, there is no blue screen eye strain. They’re not worried about being bombarded with competing ads from half a dozen alternatives who bid for our attention via algorithms. Perhaps most importantly, they are “forced” to consider each and every direct mail offer. It doesn’t matter whether they throw it into the trash or quickly make a purchase. They have a moment of consideration and decision – a flash of thoughtfulness and connection with the brand.

Example Digital Direct Mail Messaging for Your Non-Responder List

For a targeted do-or-die one-time send designed to get them to convert once and for all, consider time-sensitive messages with discount codes, designed to get your prospects to finally take action. Consider that whatever previous offer they saw was not compelling enough to get them to take action – so you’ll have greater success offering a deeper discount, if you’re able.

In this example, from Varsity Tutors a $200 discount on tutoring services is offered.

If your budget and resources allow, taking a longer-game approach may be more effective with your suppression list targets, however. They weren’t ready to convert before, and may require some additional convincing. This postcard from TeamSnap is a great example of a warm-up message, that can be followed with a future discount or offer campaign. It reminds the prospect of the value of the service and advises them to engage when they’re ready.

ReachDynamics works to give marketers a second chance at a first impression. Through tools like Digital Direct Mail™ and Email Retargeting, ReachDynamics is able to reconnect brands with lost prospects. Learn more about ReachDynamics Digital Direct Mail™ and get a $100 credit on your first Digital Direct Mail send by clicking here.

About the Author

Danni Eickenhorst is the Chief Marketing Officer for ReachDynamics, an industry leader in innovative retargeting solutions. She is an award-winning social and digital marketing expert.

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