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You may have noticed we’re changing things up in the ComplianceCast series for 2024. Our interview videos include some quicker-hitting, fun questions, letting our participants share both industry info and tips on how to make the best of your next trip to Affiliate Summit West. But, we also wanted to deliver some longer form content for the ComplianceCast this year. So, check out our inaugural ComplianceCast Panel Discussion featuring our friends and partners at Madrivo and Everflow! This panel delivers an insightful conversation among four experienced industry pros. We were thrilled to collaborate with Sarah Miller, VP of Operations at Madrivo, and Sam Darawish, CEO and Co-founder of Everflow. They are joined by our very own CRO, Jake Dearstyne, and COO, Tom Wozniak, who acted as moderator of a deep dive into the world of digital marketing, affiliate/partner marketing, email compliance, AI, and more. 

The conversation kicks off with Sarah covering Madrivo’s decade-long journey in Performance Marketing and essential partnership with Everflow and OPTIZMO. Then Sam highlights Everflow’s commitment to openness and collaboration, emphasizing the synergy between the three brands and setting the stage for a wide-ranging conversation. 

The panelists delve into their experiences at Affiliate Summit West, sharing favorite spots and memorable moments from the event. From lively networking opportunities to unexpected adventures, Sarah, Sam, Jake, and Tom offer a glimpse into the bustling world of ASW.

As the conversation unfolds, topics like AI and the future of affiliate marketing in 2024 take center stage. The panelists explore the potential impact of AI on industry practices and predict exciting developments they see coming on the horizon. 

Camaraderie and collaboration shine through as the panel discusses the challenges and opportunities facing the affiliate marketing landscape in the years ahead. From compliance to innovation, Sarah, Sam, Jake, and Tom share valuable insights and a few laughs along the way. As always, we don’t want to give too much away, so you’ll just have to watch the episode for yourself!

So grab your favorite chair, tune in, and listen in on a great conversation!

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